History of delivering results

Over twenty years ago, Synergy Technology, Inc. began with a project to design one product. It has since grown into a team of engineers, designers and technicians who assist clients with product design, product development and product life cycle management.

Our flexible model

Synergy provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative to in-house staffing. The firm has earned a reputation for providing deep knowledge, experience and skills in multple design and engineering disciplines.

Broad experience

Synergy Technology has served over 100 product-centric companies around the world, from start-up to global enterprises in industries that include analytical, medical, gaming, automotive, communications, consumer products and aerospace.

Synergy Technology is founded Focuses exclusively on product design services; adopts professional services model Adds PCB
Design services and Electronic Engineering
Adds Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) capabilities
Begins to provide external product design services Launches
Modeling services
Doubles mechanical engineering staff Expands presence with new business center