We are your on-demand engineering and design resource

Synergy Technology provides services for product-based businesses that need design and engineering expertise on a flexible basis. Synergy, however, is not your typical engineering firm. Synergy’s multi-disciplinary team of experts works closely with clients that range from start-up companies to global enterprises and quickly become a natural complement or extension to their in-house teams.

We are experienced

For over 20 years Synergy Technology has helped companies achieve their product development goals by bringing products to market. Our team provides decades of industry experience.

We are multi-disciplinary

We have multi-disciplinary resources from which teams can be formed to fit the needs of specific projects. Our broad expertise can meet the needs of projects that require a combination of mechanical, electronics, firmware, PCB layout, and optical design talent.

We are flexible

By providing turnkey services on an as-needed basis, clients can tap skills and know-how when they need it. Synergy’s experienced engineers and designers deliver services that save time and money for their clients.

We are creative

We can quickly adapt to your unique business and understand the special needs of your market.