Richard Hicksted

electronic engineering manager

(775) 849-3330 x103

Richard joined the Synergy team in 1997 and has extensive experience in bringing complex, and technology based products from concept to market in a timely manner. Richard has a B.S. in Math and Physics from Kent State University. Richard’s early career centered in the process control and instrumentation fields while later achievements culminated in directing multimillion-dollar projects for multiple organizations. Richard’s professional experience includes MTI Technology, Inc where he served as Chief Technical Officer, CEO and founder; owner of Micro Development Associates, and Senior Engineer at both Nucleonic Data Systems and Monitor Systems Corporation.


Digital Electronics Design
Analog Electronics Design
System Architecture
Component selection
Process control


US Patent 6,541,921: Illumination intensity control in electroluminescent display.
US Patent 6,403,897: Seat scale for health care measurement kiosk.
US Patent 5,748,874: Reserved cylinder for SCSI device write back cache.
US Patent 4,097,566: Extrusion line control system.