Sharing a commitment to our client’s success

The primary reason clients come to Synergy Technology is our people. We are a talented, experienced and diverse group of professionals who share a dedication to excellence.

You can count on our team members to meet commitments and deliver the highest quality work. What makes Synergy Technology stand out from other services firms is attention to detail, collaborative spirit, creativity and genuine desire to work as an extension to your company.

Our staff

Ray Bryan, P.E.Mechanical Engineer, President and Director of Engineering
Richard HickstedElectronic Engineer, Department manager
Jim LovellElectro-Mechanical Designer
Mike SpahrElectronic Specialist
Trisha Ruby, P.E.Mechanical Engineer
Pete Ross, P.E.Mechanical Engineer
Elaina BryanEngineering Assistant

Contract staff

Our team is enhanced by contract professionals who support our clients and meet specific project needs.

Jack SalaMechanical Designer
Mark IversonSoftware Engineer
Dave Loar, P.E.Electronic Engineer
Dr. Bill Avery, P.E.Electronic Engineer
Wayne GreenPCB Design

Adjunct Staff

Synergy Technology's relationships with other service providers allow the assembly of project teams to meet specific requirements. Utilizing associates in many disciplines, projects involving a combination of mechanical, electronics, software, graphics, industrial design and other attributes can be readily achieved.