Ray Bryan, P.E.

President and Director of Engineering

mechanical engineer

(775) 849-3330 x101

Ray is the principal engineer at Synergy Technology. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering emphasizing numerical methods and solid mechanics. These advanced studies have provided technical and analytical skills to complement his design expertise allowing components with demanding requirements to benefit from appropriate analysis. In addition, Ray has received numerous patents over his 36 years in industry, and has managed new product development in diverse and multiple fields from concept to manufacturing implementation.


Mechanical engineering
New product development
Engineering management
Technical input
Numerical methods
Solid mechanics
Manufacturing implementation


LaForge, L.E., Moreland, J.R., Bryan, R.G., Fadali, M.S. Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers for Spaceflight Multi-processors, Proceedings, 2006 IEEE Aerospace Conference, March 2006.

Bryan, Raymond G. Application of finite element analysis to static seals, Thesis (M.S), University of Nevada, Reno, 1994.


US Patent 8,323,235 Liner for use with a breast pump.
US Patent 8,274,397 Programmable light display.
US Patent 8,109,901 Breast pump.
US Patent 7,972,297 Breast cup assemly for a breast pump.
US Patent 7,513,401 Printer tear bar and presenter system.
US Patent 7,497,362 Printer tear bar and presenter system.
US Patent 6,814,518 Secure printer system for gaming devices.
US Patent 6,707,031 Laser optical bench for laser desorption ion sources and method of use thereof.
US Patent 6,523,711 Automatic valved bottle cap for use with liquid containers.
US Patent 6,468,435 Automatic valved filter assembly.
US Patent 6,443,642 Modular printing system.
US Patent 6,428,124 Health care kiosk with handicapped accessible seat.
US Patent 6,403,897 Seat scale for health care measurement kiosk.
US Patent 6,395,170 Universal filter for soda pop and bottled water bottles.
US Patent D450,760 Voucher.
US Patent D448,448 Filter housing.
US Patent D406,334 Portable dental irrigator for pets.
US Patent 5,770,914 Illuminated piezoelectric switch.
US Patent 5,054,919 Seal for high pressure and small volume sample cells.
US Patent 5,015,069 Off axis rotation of diffraction grating.
US Patent 4,989,965 Collet mounting for an optical element.
US Patent 4,968,122 Galvanometer gimbal mount.
US Patent 4,574,824 Agitator for coin hopper.
Other patents pending.