Specialized paint tray

The design for this paint tray had to meet multiple special requirements, including torsional rigidity and material cost. To evaluate various design solutions, Synergy performed FEA which is illustrated in this image.

Although the client had paint trays, liners and related items in their product offering, there existed a need for a tray that would meet a set of additional design requirements. One of the requirements was torsional rigidity so that when full of paint and held from one end, the weight of the paint would not cause the tray to twist and spill. The material content of the tray still needed to be minimized to keep the price of the tray compatible with the price structure of the market. In addition to designing in the other requested features, Synergy performed FEA to evaluate the various solutions to the torsion requirement to identify a design that would meet this requirement.

Specialized paint tray

About the client

  • Manufacturer and supplier of painting accessories, especially rollers
  • New paint tray had a specialized list of features and requirements
  • Engaged Synergy to provide engineering support for this challenging project

Synergy expertise utilized

  • Product design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Mechanical design
  • Solid modeling