We want to be your most reliable resource

Our knowledge and expertise is most often delivered in the form of one of our team members who is working with you. We also want to share the following resources that have been selected and recommended by the Synergy team. We hope that you will find these resources informative and useful. We welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.

Software Tools

We can provide you with the same tools we use to provide world class engineering services to our clients—along with our unique combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise.


Vetting a Product Based Business Idea

This PDF document provides a number of thought provoking questions to help vet a product idea for the creation of a product-based business entity. Good answers to these questions should part of the due diligence performed prior to starting the product development process.

The External Engineering Department: A Value for Product-Based Companies

This PDF document describes the multiple scenarios where outsourcing to an external engineering department can be beneficial to different types of product-based companies.

Critical Chain Scheduling and Estimation

This PDF document explains the Critical Chain scheduling technique used by Synergy Technology to estimate the time, cost and resource allocation for a project. This approach uses a "best guess" for each task to statistically yield an approximation of the schedule with a 50/50 probability.

Streamlining the Product Development Process

This PDF document gives guidance for streamlining this often highly iterative process for a more lean product development experience.